Q. I want my order to be delivered at a certain time on a specific day?

This really depends on the courier service used for your area. We do try our best to request the deliveryman for specific times, but they operate in sequence and may not be able to come to your area at a given time.

Regarding a specific day, please contact us and we will check for you.

Q. Can you contact me prior to delivery?

All our courier services are requested by us to call the customer prior to delivery. Some of them do, and some of them don’t. Even though we try our best, it is something, which we cannot guarantee.

Q. Will you deliver and take my order upstairs to my bedroom?

This is dependent on the deliveryman and areas covered by some carriers. Please contact us to request for this service. We will confirm by email whether this will be possible at your address or not.

There is a possibility that the deliveryman, upon your request might abide, but please note, this will be at the deliveryman’s discretion and will be at the buyer’s responsibility.

Q. Will the deliveryman take my order to an upper floor flat?

For the upper floor flats, please notify us before, or upon placing the order, and we will notify the courier services to get a confirmation of whether they can offer this service or not.

Q. What do I do if my goods arrive damaged?

Please let us know immediately. When the delivery arrives, you should check your items before signing on the delivery note from the driver. Return the item with the driver, as we don’t want you to wait around to resolve the problem. We’ll then chase up the delivery services for you and get a perfect item delivered to you promptly.

Q. Can you install my bed?

Yes, dependent on the type of product and delivery area, we also provide a service to install your bed and take away the packaging. This however needs to be pre-organised and may incur a small charge, which goes directly to the servicemen and not us.

Q. Do you also take away my old bed or mattress?

This depends on the courier services used for your area. Please contact us prior to placing an order, to find out whether we can do this or not.

Q. Are my bank details safe with you?

Yes, your details will be very safe. Our checkoutprocess is run by the secure WorldPay, Paypal and Amazon portals.

Q. Can I order if I live abroad?

No sorry. We have realised that once your items leave the UK shores, the handling of the services become alien to us, which requires dealing with transport companies operating abroad. We feel unsure whether the item will be delivered to you with quality service or not. However, if you can arrange a collection and delivery service, then we have no problems at all.

Q. Do you have a showroom or shop we can visit?

No sorry. We don’t run expensive stores or shops. This is why we can offer you beds and mattresses at such a low price.

Q. Do you sell special sized beds?

Yes, we can make you special sizes, shorter beds, longer beds, wider beds etc. You will need to let us know what you want, and we can confirm the order and also give you the price immediately.

Q. Why are two similar mattresses so widely different in price?

Chances are they are not as similar as they seem. They might both look the same – but further details will reveal different material qualities, densities etc.

Q. I have been told to turn my mattress regularly. Do I have to?

We know it’s a hassle, but will give your mattress a better feel and longer life. This has nothing to do with quality of the mattress, it’s to do with your body indentation. When you turn the mattress, it’ll refresh the sides.

Some of our mattresses are non-turn mattresses; meaning you should not turn them. They’re designed to stay one-sided.

Q. Are your items covered by a guarantee?

Yes, the manufacturers cover the items for 12 months.

Q. My bed has some parts missing, what shall I do?

Give us a call or email us and we will send the parts to you with no extra charge. When you contact us, state to us the exact pieces missing so we can deliver the parts that you want very quickly.

Q. How can I change or cancel part of my order?

Please let us know before we dispatch the item. It will save you and us a lot of time.